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How to overcome feelings of impotence

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I recently published an article on my website about how certain beliefs sustain stress, depression, and anxiety. One of the main beliefs that briefly introduced impotence concerns. Impotence is an important part of these diseases so let’s see? S How can the impact of this erroneous belief be reduced?

To believe that they are impotent in life is a truly terrible feeling and I write from the personal experience here. For five years, a series of traumatic events took me to the point that I believed that life has been retained but pain and anguish. Life did I think I was going to develop in a way that I would destroy Wasn? T One thing I could do about it.

Maybe you? I have felt this way too?

The underlying belief is the important factor here. It is a firm belief that life is something that happens to you and you have control over nothing. In summary, you are an impotent, passive receiver of what life decides to throw in you.

It is a horrible state to be in. Also, this belief simply is? T truth

Let me give an example. Let’s say you and your partner separated. Now, this can be a very traumatic experience, I? You see it through it, so many others have done it. You react in a very negative way and emotional load:

Am I devastated? He/she was all my world and now my world has collapsed. Everything I do in life always goes wrong and this is another disaster. I? I’ll not be happy again?

Wow. I know? S A powerful ISN reaction? No? I? M Surely, like me, have reacted either in this way to an event or what? I heard someone react in this way. It is a very harmful way to assign meaning to an event that face.

The last two sentences reveal the belief in impotence. The keywords are: everything always goes wrong and never be happy again. When it reacts in such a way, what is being said that is impotent because it has no right every time it is gone for you and you? I will never be happy no matter what. You are saying that you can not control anything and, therefore, really believe? Impotent.

How do you think? Ll feels when he reacts this way? Exactly. You will feel deeply unhappy, confused, frustrated, and, of course, unable to change your life. Why would any other thing feel? Everything always goes wrong and? I will never be happy again and what? Is it the point of doing anything to create a change?

Do you see how impotence works? But simply isn? T truth, Of course, many things in life are totally out of their control. Other people and Mother Nature to name only two. There are things in life that have some control over? Where he lives and works, for example. It is important to maintain control over these facts in mind.

? Here is the most important fact about impotence: there is one thing that you have full control over your life and that is the way to react and meaning all that you face. In the previous example, a better reaction would be:

? Ok, my relationship has? T worked, but other things in my life go well and? I’ll concentrate on them for a while as I reach an agreement with what? S it happened. The fact that this relationship has? T worked, what? T Future average relationships will there be an error and once? I have overcome this, me? I’ll go out and find someone better.?

See the difference? You are maintaining control by assigning a less emotional meaning, a sense more following reality. You are recognizing that you? Re damage, but this is temporary and when you are ready, you? Ll is trying again. You know you have other things in your life that you can concentrate on and this reaction is preventing a feeling of impotence that arises.

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