Building Self Confidence

The first step is to accept yourself? With love. No one in the world is perfect so why bother to shed tears for your imperfections. This is how God wants us to be? Not perfect! We may have something that other people may not have and others may be blessed with quality, which we lack. This incomplete makes us out and look for friends who make us feel loved, desirable, and resolved. Oh, the feeling is amazing! Will we experience it if we are in our perfect cocoon? Never! So accept yourself as you. It will free your mind from heavy luggage from unnecessary concerns. You will immediately feel light and cheerful.

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Free yourself – out and do what you like! – How long since the last time did you walk between pine? Something you love as a child? How long have you walked hands with your friends to the bakery and throwing a coin to decide what to buy? This may seem very simple but these simple things have the power to add to building big trust and fulfillment. Life if seeing is quite simple. What becomes a bit too complex is still simple. No? Just like small water drops make a mighty ocean, the small things you like can turn you into a warehouse of self-confidence. When God makes you, he wants your heart and bestows your ability to achieve it. However, in the process of growing up, you forget what your goal is, what you like, and what you enjoy doing. It happens with many and many people who feel like freeing themselves but are too bound in their daily responsibilities so they can’t save 10 minutes to reflect on their lives, their dreams, and goals. This is our duty to clean up the mess that prevents us from hearing our hearts. Conversation with your heart must continue to be clearer and the best way to do this is to find the time to do what you enjoy. And because you enjoy doing that activity, it directly means that you have all the talents and intelligence needed to do work easily even though you might not realize it.

Find flocks of sheep you gather together. You have to find out people with whom you enjoy. They are of course people from your frequency and energy flow between you and what they are experiencing. Life is easy when you are among people who are more or less in the same field of thought as you and it’s easier to connect with them. They seem to understand you and vice versa so that it creates conditions for healthy conversations. Good conversations are very healthy exercises and important needs of our minds. We all want our ideas to be heard and appreciated and good companies provide a platform for the same thing.

Set goals that can be achieved and do it for it! – A thousand miles traveling with one step. The idea is to start with a small step which can then be further developed into a giant step. Learn to do work in hand rather than flood yourself by looking at the overall Mammoth task. Just like land under your feet, the mountain peak also one day will be under your steps. The only way to do something is to go for it! No matter how small the progress is, the focus must complete the task successfully even though it is a small task. A series of big tasks that have not been completed are a sure way for depression. Open a big task into a list of small tasks that must be resolved. Check from your list every work is completed. The task that is completed no matter how small it gives a sense of achievement that increases our confidence and equips us with more energy to try a greater task.

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